Samsung Exynos

  • Promotional Packaging for VIP

With successful rapid growth of Exynos, Samsung Electronics have asked us to develop a package design for VIP to promote its brand externally.

mininmalist has expanded the identity and carefully developed, manufactured the packaging solution. The packaging consists of a series of stationery items including pen, leather cover notebook, leather passport wallet, businescard.

삼성 엑시노스 프로세서는 스마트폰의 두뇌 역할을 하는 어플리케이션 프로세서로, 성능과 전력효율 면에서 모바일 업계를 선도하는 제품이다.

엑시노스의 성공적인 성장에 힘입어 미니멀리스트는 노트, 여권케이스, 명함, 펜으로 구성된 홍보용 VIP 패키지를 디자인, 제작하였다.

Year 2016

Client Samsung Electronics

Services Packaging, Product

Creative Direction / Design Wonchan Lee

Structural Design Ohyun Kwon

Planning / Marketing Changwan Kim of Samsung Electronics