CJ Cultural Foundation

  • Promotional Packaging

CJ started social contribution activities in the early 1990s and has been supporting the culture and art ever since.
CJ Cultural Foundation has been founded in 2006 in order to promote and deliver its message more actively.
Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of CJ Cultural Foundation, minimalist has expanded its original identity into promotional packaging.
The packaging consists of a bluetooth speaker, pencils/pencil case and attachable cube memo pad. Each item represents the supporting business within the foundation with short descriptions of who they are, how they work.

CJ그룹은 1990년대 초반 사회공헌 활동을 시작하여 오랫동안 문화 예술 지원에 앞장서 오다 2006년 더욱 체계적인 활동을 실천하기 위해 CJ문화재단을 설립하였다.
CJ문화재단의 창립 10주년을 기념하기 위해 미니멀리스트는 블루투스 스피커, 연필/연필케이스, 노트패드가 담긴 패키지를 디자인/제작하였다. 패키지 내 각 아이템은 재단 지원사업인 'tune up', 'stage up', 'story up'을 상징화 한다.

Year 2017

Client CJ Cultural Foundation

Services Packaging / Product Design

Executive Project Direction Sang Joon Lee of CJ
Project Coordination Il Jin Kim of CJ
Creaitve Direction / Photography Wonchan Lee
Project Managing Sun Hwa Kim of CJ
Design Ohyun Kwon